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A Complete Guide to South Indian Wedding Décor

A Complete Guide to South Indian Wedding Décor

Your wedding décor is the only thing that sets your wedding ceremony apart from the rest of the showbiz. Theme as well as the wedding venue only come secondary. Indian weddings in general are a grand affair. The notion of a ‘big fat Indian wedding’ is not left to the imagination with the majestic decorations that have been prevalent over decades!

When it comes to traditional South Indian weddings, certain elements completely sets them apart from other Indian weddings. The South Indian weddings are brim with vibrant life and culture, and the décor simply holds a mirror to showcase it. South Indian wedding décor is very intricately detailed. Although they may be rustic, they remain modern and contemporary enough for modern couples.

We have listed some great elements that are often heavily incorporated in South Indian weddings. You can go through this blog and choose some elements that can go well with your wedding theme. This way, you get to incorporate your traditional culture along with new trends in décor!

Going Back to the Brass Roots

Brass elements are deeply rooted in South Indian weddings. The light golden color adds a rustic touch to the wedding décor. There are several ways in which you can use brass in your wedding. Brass lamps can be used for some dim lighting for the wedding venue. Some brass bells also look great recessed from the ceiling.

Brass pots are also often used if the wedding has a buffet system for dining. These pots are also used as centerpieces in Indian weddings. Flowers go well with the brass elements, so these centerpieces are filled with floral petals. You can also adorn the brass elements with florals for some backdrop for the wedding stage decoration.

Marigolds Bring a Cultural Touch

Marigolds are a big part of South Indian culture. So naturally, they are a significant sight at every South Indian wedding. You may feel like there are no new or creative ways in which marigolds can be used anymore since almost every second South Indian wedding has marigolds fixed for their floral décor. But the thought is as wrong as it can get!

There are innumerable ways in which marigolds can be used for flower decoration for wedding. You can use it to decorate your mandap ceilings. Strings of marigold can also be suspended from ceilings to give it a curtain-y look. The entrance of the wedding venue can also be adorned with marigold florals.

If you are having an aisle at the wedding venue, marigolds are perfect to make a pathway for you. Just make sure the colors go with the theme of your wedding! South Indian weddings also have rangolis at the entrance, and you can use marigold flowers to decorate them!

Marigolds provide a very positive vibe to the wedding, aside from all its cultural and religious significance. You must consider incorporating them in some way at your wedding!

Simple Coconut Leaves

This is a very simple element that is usually seen at South Indian weddings. One great way is to use hangings made of painted coconut palm leaves that are weaved and strung together. These paintings usually have eccentric designs which are perfect for your wedding backdrop. Coconut leaves are perfect to use for backdrops of not just your wedding reception, but all of your wedding functions!

Coconut leaves and trees play a huge role in South Indian culture. You can go one step ahead and use coconut trees to your advantage! If you are opting for an outdoor wedding, you must definitely consider a wedding venue with coconut trees. Coconut trees are also widely visible at beaches, so having a beach wedding is a great idea!
Aside from using coconut trees to set up strings of light around the, you can set up your mandap near them and use the trees as pillars for the mandap.

Fairy Lights

This element simply describes itself. Fairy lights are fairly popular trends seen at weddings currently. So, if you are looking to ‘dine under the stars’, a canopy of fairy light strings is perfect for the wedding venue.

Chandeliers Made Up of Blooms

Floral Chandeliers are infamous at south Indian weddings for every wedding function. They are very light and can be put up without much of a struggle. This is a great element you can add to your afternoon or early morning wedding!

Some of these elements really make us swoon! If you are looking for outdoor wedding decoration along these lines, you can contact us to make your dream wedding come to life!

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