Melting Flower



“Marriage is not about age, it’s about finding the right person.”

And when you have got your right partner, it’s time that you tie the knot in a grand way.

As most are opting for uniqueness, 
theme wedding decorations
 have to be creative enough, expressing your heart out on your D-Day. At Melting Flowers, we have a team trained to make best floral designs meeting your individual requirements.

Our clients are our inspirations. We have grown up to create some stunning 
Indian wedding decoration themes
 like Smoke Effect, Blend with Nature, Crystal Cocktail, Fairy Tale, Sunshine Marigold, Moonlight, Traditional Marigold and more.

Our team would lend you a patient ear to give your ideas the ultimate creative touch. Every event is a canvas to us where we use artistic 
Indian wedding decoration ideas
 to capture the magnificence of the occasion.

With Melting Flowers, you can customize our concepts to create another genre of theme. Let your guests be the head turners!

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