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The Leela Palace Bangalore


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Leela Palace covers approximately 9 acres of Land out of which 7 acres of land are purely dedicated to the lush green lawns, gardens and the beauty of nature. Surrounded by gushing waterfalls like a cascade of refreshment and seasonal blooms, this place is like no other. With its wonderful décor and design as well as the awe striking ambience, it is sure to arrest you in its impeccable charm.
Weddings are a tricky affair and need a person with a qualified expert. Leela Palace best wedding hotels in Bangalore provides exclusive services and helps you organise your affairs in an effective way. May it be Mehendi ceremony or the wedding reception, they provide excellent bespoke arrangements for the design,choice of flower decorations, the choice of lights and entertainment.
The walls and pillars have intricate royal carvings and design and are an eyecatcher to all ages. The ambience of the whole place teleports you into a completely different era and adds the cherry to your wedding celebration cake in best wedding halls in Bangalore.
It gives you myriad choices, you can have a poolside wedding celebration, put on some music and groove with nature. The beautiful crystal clear water would incessantly call you to dive into the better parts of the place. It can accommodate up to 100 people. If you prefer something more elite, you can have the wedding celebrations on the terrace and have customised decorations. Flowers and lights coupled with beautiful drapes to brighten up your wedding eve. You can also celebrate the rhythm of the wedding celebrations and tap your way to the Grand Ballroom or the Royal Ballroom. The Grand Ballroom can accommodate upto 800 people while the Royal Ballroom can accommodate upto 300 people. Banquet Halls like Kamal and Sitara help weave the most beautiful story of your wedding celebrations. Sitara can accommodate upto 80 guests whereas Kamal can accommodate up to 80 guests. Leela Palace provides best banquet halls in Bangalore makes your wedding celebration dreams come true with their flawless services and impeccable location.
With an eye for detail, the venue refers leading wedding decorators in the city to make sure that their venue is decorated on point. An advantage that comes with this is that the decorators know exactly what works and what doesn’t as they have worked with the venue several times.

Located At 23, Kodihalli, Old Airport Road, Bangalore- 560008.

“All The World Is Made Of Faith, And Trust, And Pixie Dust.”- J.M Barrie

The wedding is one such foundation based on the pillars of faith and trust and wedding celebrations are like the glittery pixie dust whose essence lingers in our lives forever. Choosing perfect wedding locations in Bangalore plays is an essential part of the whole wedding extravaganza. The bride and groom would cherish the place where they first tie a knot for the rest of their lives and the venue is destined to be a picture-perfect one. If you are looking for an elegant and archetypal venue then look no further than Leela Palace. As the name suggests it precedes its name as a Palace and would give your wedding a Royal look it’s a  best wedding venues in Bangalore. The venue has mastered the charm of classic and contemporary style. They give the best of both worlds.

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