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Royal Orchid Resort And Convention Centre Bangalore


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Royal Orchid Resort And Convention Centre does justice to its name by providing the art of royal excellence. This 4-star wedding resorts in bangalore has its arms spread across eight acres of greenery. If you think that the world has lost its green charm to the modernisation of new technologies then this is the perfect place to prove all your concepts faulty, its really a best garden wedding venues in bangalore. Escape into a different premise and feel the nature at ease. Royal Orchid Resort provides modern elegance and goes down an extra mile to provide superior service. One of the best wedding resorts in Bangalore where you can tie a knot with your beloved. They take pride in providing the outstanding food fiesta with unique menus and the best selection of wine and refreshments. To ice the cake they also have a surreal décor and displays to give an exotic wedding feel.
This massive place has 42 Deluxe rooms, 8 Superior rooms and 4 Exclusive Cottages with contemporary comforts and care. Don’t get illusioned by the modern feel for the roots go deep down to preserve the traditional Indian feel. Disguised an extravagant package it gives the surprise of simplicity and sophistication. You are destined to get the best of both worlds we can say The Royal Orchid Resort is a best outdoor wedding venues in bangalore.
The Royal Orchid Resort, Bangalore is the best wedding venues in bangalore for wedding receptions and parties. The comforts provided by this place will have you head over heels for this place. If you wish to have a pre-wedding pooja then there is a beautiful convention centre. The dome hall is great for tieing the knot. The massive décor and space of the ElaanRO convention hall will leave you with an awe. It also has three mini areas for dance, music, DJs and other lively parties. The reception hall has a seating capacity of 800 whereas the dining hall has a capacity of 400 people. It also has a lush green lawn with a beautiful feel of nature.  The whole nine yards will fill your memory lanes with happiness.
With an eye for detail, the venue refers leading wedding decorators in the city to make sure that their venue is decorated on point. An advantage that comes with this is that the decorators know exactly what works and what doesn’t as they have worked with the venue several times.

Located At Allalasandra Main Rd, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560065.

“To Find Someone Who Will Love You For No Reason, And To Shower That Person With Reasons, That Is The Ultimate Happiness.” – Robert Brault.

A wedding celebration gives you the perfect opportunity to celebrate that ultimate happiness and happiness is increased by two folds when you have a perfect wedding celebration. Weddings require a lot of planning and everything is planned in a way that nothing goes out of track and remains to. You get the Fragrant flowers, lip smacking food, Wedding musical and Band and every other need is fulfilled diligently. But every other preparation falls apart when you don’t have a perfect place to bind them all in.

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