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ITC Windsor Manor Bangalore




Being one of the best wedding hotels in Bangalore, Windsor Manor always goes an extra mile to live upto its name.  Bangalore has always stood as an epitome of greenery and Windsor manor adds a feather to the cap by providing lush green carpets of nature.  The place has a unique historical charm and gives out an alluring appeal.  From the detailed designs to the scintillating chandeliers,the whole place has a spectacular view.  Windsor Manor can be described as the perfect picturesque destination for weddings and wedding receptions.  This place has stunning halls which can accommodate upto 800 people.  The halls are pillar less to avoid any interruption.  It raises the standards by being one of the spectacular wedding halls in Bangalore.  Your stay is ensured to be a delightful one.  They make sure that you don’t miss any of the memorable scenes and live every moment with an incessant radiance.
It is widely renowned to host a myriad number of events,may it be a wedding celebration or wedding receptions.  Windsor Manor is a place like no other.  Wedding albums capture the reminiscence of every celebration and this place makes sure that your picture diaries are the most beautiful ones around.  It has dazzling light effects and astounding artwork to make the décor and design look even more beautiful. The inimitable quality is provided by the lush green lawns and remarkable water features which add to the beauty of the place. Luxury is free here since everything you receive is much more than what you had invested. Make your dream wedding come true here at Windsor Manor. Wear your heart on your sleeve and experience the utmost happiness.  With an eye for detail, the venue refers leading wedding decorators in the city to make sure that their venue is decorated on point.  An advantage that comes with this is that the decorators know exactly what works and what doesn’t as they have worked with the venue several times

Located At Golf Course Road, Bangalore, India.

Weddings are one of the most special and crucial decisions of our life.  We pledge to give our lives for the sole concern of our beloved and tieing a knot to celebrate this union is the core essence of weddings.  With such crucial decisions comes crucial responsibilities of finding the perfect wedding location.  Every other work according to the venue that you wish to choose.  Having a perfect venue is essential for a perfect wedding celebration.  One such perfect venue is Windsor Manor.  Windsor Manor has a cosmopolitan architecture and suits all your needs of a lavish and luxurious wedding.  It is one of the best wedding venues in Bangalore.


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