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melting flowers bookeh

About Tamarind Tree

Tamarind Tree Wedding Resorts In Bangalore

Tamarind Tree Is Located At JP Nagar 9th Phase.

Ever wondered if there was a time machine which could take you to the land of Ancient Carvings, Surreal beauty, Colonial aura, the Enchanted Woods and possibly to every other land of Marvellous Beauty? Even if there was one, It would take days to visit each and every Place and our Present is too precious to stay in the past.
What if there was an

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which could help you escape into the past and see wonders in a few days. Welcome, to The Tamarind Tree, A

best wedding venue in Bangalore

that has beautifully engulfed in it, a combination of all the enchanting places. The beauty of every era has been skilfully crafted into this single place.
Magnificent and lush green trees have cuddled up to this marvellous place in their arms which spread about five acres. It has the original Tamarind Tree after which it is named, a crystal clear pond, majestic bathstand, elegant pavilions and a plethora of open spaces it’s a perfect

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. It gives a feeling of being in a completely different land which is magical and ageless. The whole place has ample space to comfortably accommodate up to 1000 guests. To ice the cake of homely gesture, it has a grand guest house and two villas that can accommodate upto 25 guests. Two large kitchen spaces with a very special Sheesh Mahal bar and abundant food counter space.
This extravagant

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has multiple party areas where diverse kind of marriage parties and ceremonies can be held. Carved wooden doors, stone pathways and the moon peeking through the leaves beckon you to step into another world.
With an eye for detail, the venue refers leading wedding decorators in the city to make sure that their venue is decorated on point. An advantage that comes with this is that the decorators know exactly what works and what doesn’t as they have worked with the venue several times.


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