melting flowers bookeh
melting flowers bookeh

About Golden Palms

Golden Palms Outdoor Wedding Venues In Bangalore

Located at Golden Palms Avenue, Off Tumkur Road, Yeshwantpur.

"A Flower Cannot Blossom Without The Sunshine, And Man Cannot Live Without Love." – Max Muller

True love is a rare find and this union is incomplete without a perfect wedding celebration. Wedding celebrations are one of the most memorable days of our lives and we always go an extra mile to make it a special one. All of us dream of a wedding which is extraordinary and beautiful in every possible way. Golden Palms a

best wedding venue in Bangalore

makes sure that your dream wedding comes true.
If you are looking for an amazing

outdoor wedding venues in Bangalore

to share the beginning of your wonderful adventure then this is the place for you. May it be Conventional or an unconventional, golden palm designs every other aspect in a perfect way for you. They provide the best of all suggestions to make your wedding a beautiful one. The beauty of the place lies in the lush green carpet of flora spread all over the place. The gentle swaying of the palm trees brings a certain serenity to the heart and soul.
We are always in a dilemma about the designs and kind of wedding celebrations we want and choosing a perfect

wedding venues in Bangalore

that fits our taste is another herculean task. Sometimes we want our music to be contemporary but demand the designs to be classic, This place blends the combination of classic and contemporary worlds to give you the best of both worlds.
The place is enriched with a gaping landscape and has given extra effort to the intricate designs of the stunning architecture, its a perfect

garden wedding venues in Bangalore

. This place is like no other, with an impressive swimming pool with crystal clear water and lush green lawns. It gives you myriad choices and you can have any kind of wedding celebration or theme as per your choice.
This fabulous five-star resort holds the standard of maintaining its aura to a T. This place has indoor and outdoor venues for upto 2000 people. The services provided by this place is impeccable and blends in perfectly with your beautiful wedding.
Flowers are an important part of the wedding celebrations and this place has an amazing architecture which can serve as backdrops and also complement the decoration of the flowers. This place is sure to make your wedding celebrations linger in the minds of the people for a long time.
With an eye for detail, the venue refers leading wedding decorators in the city to make sure that their venue is decorated on point. An advantage that comes with this is that the decorators know exactly what works and what doesn’t as they have worked with the venue several times.


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