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Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Aruna Parandhama

We availed the services of Melting Flowers for our Wedding and Reception ceremonies. Right from the start,Mr.Atif and his team were professional and punctual. They decorated the venue not missing any small detail. He listens with a keen ear to all your requirements and also suggests alternatives to fit your budget. Every bit of the decor was executed flawlessly assuring us of a smooth event. Our guests were all praise for how beautiful the venue looked on both days if our marriage,thanks to Mr.Atif & team. Thank you once again for the brilliant work and wishing you many more events. Cheers!

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Parvathi Nambiar

I worked with Syed Atif from Melting Flowers and initially I was a little sceptical about the whole idea of spending on lavish wedding decoration. However, as I started talking to these guys I got to know what I was getting and how worth the efforts it is! During my wedding, their work was so beautiful that every single person who attended was raving about the beautiful decorations that Melting Flowers had done for every event!! They really put themselves into your shoes and think like you to set up the most beautiful venue for an even more beautiful and special day!

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Dritika Soni

Mr. Syed Atif and his team were exceptionally professional with the decor for our outdoor wedding ceremony. Right from the start, his enthusiasm and ideas gave us the right feeling and we were very happy with the way the venue looked on the day of the wedding. He perfectly understood any detail (Center pieces, chair draping, floral themes, name board) based on our explanation and reference images and executed them just the way we had imagined. We didn't have a single hitch with him and his team on the day and before. We are extremely happy with their work and got tons of compliments for the decor. Thanks Atif

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Adeeba Zameer

Beautiful decorations Pretty colours used
Lots of hardwork put into it:)
Perfect theme for the weddings and party.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Khatija Adel

Beautiful decoration...
Lots of hardwork put into every detail..

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Spoorthi Vasudev

Brilliant decor and work done by Kashif and team. Always tend to leave us impressed. Without a doubt the best and efficient with respect to time frame, punctuality and overall outcome. Makes the occasion even more special. Thanks a ton.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Ranjitha Radhakrishna

Thank you so much atif n team u guys did a amazing job for my baby shower function. It was more than my expectations.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Akanksha Akki

Thank you sooo much Atif for lovely decor and your cooperation throughout the decoration process :)
Final outcome was amazing and classy

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Radha Krishnaswamy

Atif and his team did a great job at our daughter's wedding. The decorations were beautiful and elegant and just as we had pictured. They did their job quietly and efficiently. Thank you Atif!

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Veena Sivaramakrishnan

My sister's wedding was held at MLR in Bangalore. We had seen the options of decoration from many people and what Atif and Kashif showed us was not particularly any different initially. Having said that - they were not as "south Indian themed" as we wanted but Atif stood out for professionalism and understood what we wanted. We were looking at TONS of modifications to any image that we were looking at and to personalise what we wanted to our taste. the suggestions given were also very tasteful. Spread across three events - our decoration images were over 15 and each of them had at least 3 or 4 modifications that we wanted to be made for us. "Worried for execution" would be an understatement. We met Atif 2 days before the wedding and the comfort was at another level. The days of the functions arrived and what Atif turned around for us was BRILLIANT. There were zero worries and nil errors. Everything was done on time as committed - flowers were fresh and the venue looked spectacular. Atif worked within the budget we gave and when we asked for reduction during negotiation he specifically said it won't happen (in the most professional manner). I have to say that what was delivered at the end was spectacular and worth every penny spent. Atif Kashif and the Melting Flowers team as a whole were PERFECT. Atif - thank you for giving my sister and brother in law a perfect wedding.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Kshema Kumar

Having found Atif by accident I am now so glad I took the chance with his team. He's often described as meticulous, prompt and punctual and I second all of that and much more. For an extremely finicky person like me Atif was quick to understand my requirements, added suggestions and implemented them to the dot. Thank you for making my wedding and all of its events that much more beautiful and memorable.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Chitra Aravind

This was my first experience to interact with a flower decorator. After going thru the web site melting flowers ,who is associated with the venue we hired we found the decorations were very nice. Mr.Atif is the person in charge ,we just gave our budget and asked him to work around it. One week before the wedding we closed our contract with him and paid up almost the entire amount, thinking how its going to turn up. But Mr. Atif undoubtedly gave us an amazing unforgettable decoration as per our requirement, he himself being on the spot monitering the job from early morning. Hats off Mr.Atif

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Ramya Satheesh

emple tree had always been my dream venue for my wedding. On the day of the event, I was completely blown away by how the place looked, with the classy lanterns, lights and seating. It wouldn't have been possible without Atif's suggestions and exemplary execution.
Whatever look you have in mind, you can blindly trust Melting Flowers to get it executed for you. The guests remember the decor to this day, and I cannot thank Atif enough for creating such an unforgettable ambience for us.
I'd strongly recommend Melting Flowers for any of your decor requirements.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Nikhil A Murthy

Everyone dreams of having an unforgettable wedding. Whether we like it or not, there are more people involved in making that possible than just our significant other, our family and our friends.
And everyone who's been married knows that the Decorator is one of those that plays a significant role!
We would like to thank Atif and Melting Flowers for doing a fabulous job and for ensuring me and my wife had our unforgettable wedding.
Atif made sure every request of ours was adhered to and was available and approachable at our convenience. Every guest present at the wedding complimented us on the decor and we like to pass on those compliments to Atif and his team.
Thanks again Atif and Melting Flowers!!!

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Sneha Cauvery

Atif is the most meticulous vendor I have worked with.
He was highly recommended by a dear friend of mine @Shankar Devaraj, and was told that I had to worry nothing once the design is chosen.
Indeed, I didn't have to worry about anything at all.
Atif and his team made sure that each flower and each stem was fresh and placed meticulously.
A committed and dedicated team lead by an excellent Leader like Atif will certainly go places.
Melting Flowers is absolutely the best. Extremely detail oriented and thorough. They ensure that every single thing is PERFECT that can make any venue look PERFECT ! I give Melting Flowers my highest recommendation... Cheers, Cauvery

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Dev Balliamada

Atif, I must compliment you and your team for all your efforts with the arrangements.
The two unique centrepieces on both days of the wedding really made a statement. Every detail was absolutely perfect and exact. Thank you.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Chitra Reddy

I know this message comes a little late, but I just wanted to a moment to say 'Thank you' for the excellent job your team did during the wedding reception of my sister on 21-Feb2016. The venue was decorated so beautifully and just the way we planned for it. Guests who dropped in loved the set up and we received huge compliments from every single person. Once again Thank you very much for your valuable efforts.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Deepti Rao

Thanks to Atif and team for putting a brilliant event at my wedding. My parents just wanted to sit back and enjoy the wedding. Not a moment of worry with regard to the decorations! Atif had been in constant touch with us during the preparations. He would note down each and every detail and ensure it was done. And believe me, we saw it all on the wedding day. That beautiful extravagant look of the wedding venue was outstanding!

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
N.Dwarakanath and Shobha

Thanks to Atif and his team...All the three locations we chose for our daughter s wedding were turned into beautiful,stunning venues!!He is very professional,always on time and extremely reliable....He is ready to improvise on what is already existing ...the floral patterns and all ...and accommodate the ideas given by us !!...Highly resourceful, extremely dexterous, meets all possible demands. He provided us the stage set up for our Sangeet event.."oonjal"..for Muhurtham..."chhapra" and series lighting for the pre wedding function at home...extra lights at reception venue. We would recommend his services highly for any big occasion.
Good luck and Best wishes to Atif !!!

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Pranay Reddy

Elegant work. Professional . On Time.
Was a pleasure working with Atif and Team. Melting flowers have an amazing collection of designs and they work with you on improvising existing designs and also allow you to add a touch of your own if required. The creativity of the team raised the beauty quotient of the venue in my case making it one of the best places I could have on my big day. They are bang on time always and the quality of work is incomparable. The flowers were fresh and work was neat and crisp. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism showcased by Melting flowers. You guys made my wedding reception night one of the finest and will be remembered always for your creative and amazing work.
Thank you Atif. Thank you melting flowers. Highly recommended.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Raj & Shireen

At first we thought that the white and orange traditional theme we had would be very simple, but the marigold theme used made the whole look very festive & every guest told us how elegant the decor was for our wedding.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Monty Singh

The Melting Flowers team delivered the absolute best for our wedding. They outshone our expectations beyond anything, and the beautiful floral decorations they did were a talking point at our wedding among the guests. We thank the team for their great work.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Prashanth Hegde & Sanjana Prashanth

My wife Sanjana and I were awestruck by the intricacy with which Melting Flowers planned our Wedding Reception. The theme of the reception décor was planned in line with the attire of the bride and groom, and made us feel truly royal. We thank Melting Flowers for making the most memorable day of our life so very beautiful.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Syed Imran

After looking at the past work of Melting Flowers, I was convinced and wanted them to design my wedding, and the execution of the work was
greatly appreciated by my father-in-law.

I appreciate the hard work of the team at Melting Flowers for the exceptionally beautiful backdrop they created.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Krishna Kumar

When a friend recommended Melting Flowers to me, I was apprehensive about the possible costs involved to create such elaborate and elegant designs. However, when I met them and told them about my budget they were extremely accommodating and the end result made me wonder how such a beautiful design could be done within this budget.

I give my sincere thanks to everyone from the Melting Flowers team.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Swathi Pai

I wanted a South Indian theme for my wedding mandap, at the Leela Palace, Bangalore. As my husband is from the States, I wanted him to understand the beauty of South Indian culture. Melting flowers came up with a very creative concept which included using tender coconuts to construct the pillars of the mandap. The guests complimented us on the beautiful idea. It was an amazing experience, thanks to the Melting Flowers team.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Ajita Reddy

Melting Flowers made My D-Day even more beautiful than I had thought. I’m from Andhra Pradesh and was looking for a mandap designer in Bangalore. Their previous work intrigued me and I decided to let them take care of my wedding décor. The outcome was just amazing and I would recommend them without hesitation.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Manjunath Kumar

I planned and executed my sister’s wedding , and the Melting Flowers team assured me that they would ensure the very best in terms of decorating my home for the ceremony. The execution was flawless and allowed me to focus on the other aspects of the wedding. I thank the team for making the whole process so much easier. Great job!

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Buela Thomas

My family was looking for floral decorators who could design for a Christian wedding. Melting Flowers created such elegant designs, right from the church décor to the bridal bouquet, to the bridesmaids’ bouquets, lapels, flower baskets etc. They were very professional and executed everything smoothly and on time. Our best wishes for their business from our entire family.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Narendra Shenoy

Our family chose Melting Flowers to provide floral décor of my engagement. We were very pleased with the outcome, and so we insisted that they also take care of the wedding décor. Though the wedding hall had a policy that did not allow floral decorators in their convention hall, we were convinced we wanted to work only with Melting Flowers. We almost cancelled the booking with that hall, but they finally agreed and it was completely worth it. We absolutely loved their work!

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Priya & Rahul Arora

Thank you so much for the amazing way you executed our Sangeet ceremony. We needed to create an experience that was traditional yet fun and you not only delivered but actually exceeded our expectations. The decor, the stage, the lighting..everything was just what we hoped for.

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Latha & Srini

When we were planning our wedding, we wanted a look that stood out from the usual red and gold themes. Melting Flowers helped us come up with the most stunning mandap set up for the ceremony. It was beautiful & I'd definitely recommend them!

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Michael & Sangeetha

When we got engaged, we wanted the ceremony to be small and simple with only close friends and family. Thank you for turning our home into a romantic, elegant and lovely place for our engagement, everyone appreciate it

Melting Flowers, Testimonials
Ravi & Neetu

Before working with Melting Flowers, we never imagined floral decorations could be so charming and creative. They designed and decorated our entire wedding reception & the first thing every guest mentioned to us was how unique the floral installations looked. Thank you so much.