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Lighting can sometimes be an overlooked aspect when it comes to events – however the fact is that the right kind of lighting can make a great difference to the ambiance, mood and overall feel of the event. Lighting done in a suitable way would lend elegance to the occasion and enhance the entire theme and look of the event. We have a huge selection of lighting solutions that will bring your event to life. Whether you require indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, we have the capabilities to provide the right solutions and make your event an occasion to remember.

Furniture & Tent Hire

We also provide furniture on hire for all kinds of events, including chairs, tables, stages, outdoor furniture, Chinese canopies, VIP seating arrangements, dance floors, and more. We have an exclusive range of products that we regularly provide to our clients for hire to meet the demands of any type of event, whether it is a small dinner party or a large wedding banquet. We also have ample experience in providing equipment for hire for public functions, festivals, exhibitions and shows.

Videography & Photography

Weddings comprise many special moments that are worth capturing for a lifetime of memories. Our wedding photography and videography services enable you to have professionals who discover, capture and gather all the best moments from the wedding. Our wedding photography & videography teams have always got the most beautiful parts of every wedding together for an unforgettable experience.


Our catering services help you design the perfect menu for your wedding or wedding reception, and then to craft gastronomical delights that will impress your wedding guests. We provide an array of options in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food choices. We also take special requests for guests’ dietary preferences for the most relishing experience at the wedding.


We work with some of the best DJs, artists, dance troupes, musicians and more to add fun and colour to your wedding or wedding reception. Our wedding entertainment services will ensure that your guests have a wonderful time. We also enable the setup of dance floors, stages for dance performances, sound and light equipment and so on that is related to wedding entertainment.